About Us & Our Mission

Women's Heart Center

Women’s Heart Center is a program of The George Washington University Medical Faculty Associates and the GW Heart & Vascular Institute. Our mission is to save lives and improve quality of life for women at risk for cardiovascular disease in Washington, DC and surrounding areas. By establishing the Women’s Heart Center, we will support standards of excellence in women’s heart care, advance cutting edge research, foster community initiatives and care for women’s heart health.

Women’s Heart Center program is anchored by five outstanding cardiologists who are leaders in their fields of expertise and have a special interest in reducing the prevalence of cardiovascular disease in women:

Jannet Lewis, MD
Director, Women’s Heart Center

They are joined in the MFA Cardiology practice by a broader group of physicians and Nurse Practitioners who all share in the mission of improving cardiovascular health for the thousands of patients seen at the MFA medical offices and GW Hospital each year. Beyond their outstanding work treating patients, our providers are leading researchers and educators at the leading medical center in the nation’s capital.

Our Comprehensive Approach


Clinical Care

Timely, accessible and comprehensive care is critical. Each cardiologist dedicated to this program will commit office time to patients referred to them through this program. Cardiologists will be supported by a Nurse Practitioner who will be able to spend time counseling patients on prevention, diagnosis and management related to their cardiovascular health. Our Nurse Practitioner, supported by a cardiologist, will manage a new online program called “Ask the Experts” that gives accurate and timely answers to specific heart health questions.

Education and Community

The lack of awareness regarding cardiovascular health means that women often ignore symptoms or delay seeking medical care.  Though heart disease is the leading cause of death among women, the majority of women do not know that heart disease and stroke are their greatest health threats.  Shockingly less than 10% of primary care physicians know that more women die each year from cardiovascular disease than men.  An important step to improving women’s cardiovascular health is education about the causes and symptoms of heart disease in women.

Women’s Heart Center will reach out to the under-served communities in Washington, DC to increase awareness and deliver care.